Sometimes things don't work out!

And that's totally okay! We own it!


As customers, we hate warranties and "trials" that always seem to end at the worst possible moment, have too much fine print, and never ultimately meet our needs anyway. As customers, we just want to know that if something isn't perfect about our purchase (it breaks en route, isn't what we expected, doesn't work as expected, we just don't like it) we can reach out to the brand to make a plan to make it right. And it's nice to trust a company and know they'll genuinely try to take care of me. So at Louis we have a sitewide "We Own It Policy". We try to be perfect, but sometimes we're not. 

If for any reason you aren't thrilled with your Louis, or if we've made a mistake. The first step is to e-mail We will sort it out and make it right for you.